English: About Terra Futura

Head Quarters:  Nieuwe Herengracht 18, 1018DP, Amsterdam info@terrafutura.nl

Moving forward with fierce ambition for our greater good.

since 14-2-2010
The Terra Futura Foundation is dutch based non-profit crafting a multitude of projects to “Save The World”, and doing this by seducing 100.000 people into performing a good deed or a positive action, by implementing self-designed and self-developed Tools, Tours & Technology. In 14-2-2015 we where at 66.500 deeds done, generated by 70 projects with over 30.000 participants.

Tools are projects & products that seduce people into doing good and displaying positive behaviour. We are the founders of many Good, Green & Great initiatives with a strong track record across the Netherlands. Our main international Tool project is the Revaluta Complementary Currency, and the founding of the Revaluta Bank, distributing currency systems and facilitating value exchange in gift transaction in 6 countries, welcoming more: bank.complementarycurrency.info

Tech is the word we use for our 10 websites and apps, mostly in dutch language. There are websites for generating compassionate deeds, for doing nothing, a good deed tutorial site, a webshop to buy nothing, a good deed tour website and some apps to rank sustainable brand and one to co-celebrate each others cultural festivities.

Tours are our biggest promise for global impact to date. Our most famous tour is called ‘Tourist Save The World’, by our Terra Tours division. We are creating the ambitious attempt to build Transformative (Good Deed) Tourism in Europe by forging activity programs that everyone wants to experience: Doing Good (on your holiday), and have fun with others doing it. Also “Terra Tours” is generating programs to infuse organisations with their core values. Our touristic products are sold via commercial partners and our group and corporate tours are booked directly through Terra Tours, the tour-department of the Terra Futura Foundation.

Terra Futura has a broad capability, has a large network and a strong sense of purpose and mssion. Our ambition is to grow, and we are here to make ‘Good Deed Tours’ and “Gift Currency” a global concept. Terra Futura welcomes and invites international partners to join the mission, enabling tourists to join transformative tours, and having these set-up by local idealists! Or to chime in, or buddy up, in any of our other projects. If you have something to offer, don’t be shy. You are welcome in whatever capacity you can offer.

Core Values of our mission

  • Pro-active: Lets make it work
  • Sustainable Growth: Build to go, prepare to grow
  • Supporting all: Everyone who cooperates with us always wins
  • Good: What is good from within, is good to share for all
  • Fierce Ambition: We will move forward